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  • Hand Tufted

  • Machine Tufted – Carpet

  • Axminster Carpets
  • Carpet Tiles

  • Solid Wooden – Wooden

  • Engineered Wooden Floorings
  • Laminate Parquet – Floorings
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Floorings

  • Rubber – Floorings
  • Luxury Vinyl (LVT) Floorings
  • Steel Cementitious – Raised Access Floor
  • Calcium Sulphate – Raised Access Floor
  • Wooden Core – Raised Access Floor

We are a team of flooring installers and flooring experts in UAE dedicated to providing top flooring solutions and to the best customer experience possible. Our experienced team offers flooring installation services to Hospitality, Commercial, and Healthcare sectors.